…Because Independence is a BEAUTIFUL Thing!

…Because Independence is a BEAUTIFUL Thing!

Sometimes we fall short of giving ourselves the kind of love and respect that we deserve. And quite unfairly, people are quick to pick up on this and wield them against us. Ultimately, we find ourselves settling for less than we should. Now, if you find yourself in this situation, don’t fret. I was here for a LONG time as well, and it took a while to get myself off this path. And if I can, you definitely can. So I’m sharing my secret(s) with you, feel free to practice them too! Enjoy:


1. Not accepting apologies if they’re not followed by action.

2. Placing self-care on the top of your priority list; being more ambitious about your wellbeing than making other people money.

3. No longer playing peacemaker. No longer being a martyr for other people’s wars. No longer feeling the need to be the person who has to smooth over any situation that gets out of hand; becoming someone who can stay in their own peace while other people act foolish.

4. No longer idly nodding while other people complain about their lives. No longer participating in conversations that are largely negative, or exist at the expense of someone else’s reputation.

5. “Ghosting” on people who you don’t actually owe an explanation to. Yes, the mature thing to do is tell someone you’re no longer speaking to why you’re no longer speaking to them. But a lot of the time, the better course of action is just to stop, and this is particularly important with people who would be combative or aggressive in response.

6. No longer justifying actions. No explaining why you’re dating someone, or why you left your job. No more rationalizing things that do not require rationalization. Other people do not have to approve of your motives for your life choices to be valid.

7. Not answering texts right away. This is not rude, this happens because you need to be a person sometimes, not a brain dead consumer attached to an iPhone, scrolling while at dinner, consuming your mind and life with other people’s business.

8. Going home when you want to go home. Not going out in the first place when you know that you really don’t want to go out. No longer feeling the need to make elaborate excuses for this – a “no thanks, I’m just going to chill tonight” is not a question up for negotiation, it is a statement.

9. Taking control of your narrative. Correcting people when they misspeak, or have incorrect assumptions about you and your life.

10. Breaking other people’s expectations. You owe nothing to what other people want and expect you to be. Their perspectives of you are limited, and they are narrow. Conforming to them keeps you small.

11. Changing your mind. You owe nothing to your younger self. You are not failing because you are no longer chasing a dream you’ve outgrown.

12. Staying out of arguments online, because the world’s problems are not going to be solved in the comment section of your uncle’s Facebook timeline.

13. Stepping into arguments online, because complacency is what’s gotten us here.

14. No longer engaging with people you dislike. You owe nobody your energy, and realizing that is not the same thing as being impolite.

15. Not drinking yourself into an oblivion when you’re upset.

16. Not subscribing to the idea that pacifying yourself with any form of over-consumption is a viable coping mechanism.

17. Not caring if other people think your lifestyle or choices are cool or correct or wise or not.

18. Sharing whatever it is you please online, as often as you please to.

19. Being creative and not caring how other people respond to it.

20. Saying “no” when the answer is “no.”

21. Saying “I don’t know” when the answer is “I don’t really know.”

22. Showing off your body whether other people think it’s “healthy” or “desirable” or not.

23. No longer being mean to other people because you have a problem with yourself.

24. No longer trying to convince everyone to like you.

25. Kind of falling in love with the fact that everyone doesn’t.

26. Taking responsibility for your life. No longer sitting by the sidelines waiting for someone else to give you an opportunity or pity you so that you can feed off of their attention.

27. No longer prioritizing people who only make you an option.

28. No longer playing the victim.

29. No longer holding yourself back with poor habits, laziness, and an unwillingness to develop grit.

30. No longer valuing how other people see your life over how it actually feels.


So, from today, enjoy your independence and be unapologetically proud of it!


Little or No Experience? These Tips Will Make Your Resume Stand Out!

Little or No Experience? These Tips Will Make Your Resume Stand Out!

Picture this: After a rigorous search, you’ve found a job that you’re really excited about, where you’ll work on interesting things with like-minded people and in a great location. The catch? The job requires experience, often more than a fresh graduate or recently discharged NYSC Corp Member has under his belt. As disheartening as this situation is, it isn’t necessarily the end of the line.


Here are some ways you can boost your resume to help you secure your dream job:


  • Become an Intern
    Many colleges and universities require students to complete an internship prior to graduation. This might lead some to believe that internships are only for students, which is untrue. Some internship programs do require that their interns receive class credit, but those typically are unpaid and rely on the class credits as compensation. Many paid internships have no student-status requirements or age limitations. Internships offer excellent experience and networking opportunities, and they can often lead to a full-time job offer.


  • Volunteer
    Experience doesn’t have to come from the private sector. While volunteer work is mainly associated with altruism, there’s no reason it can’t benefit your career as well. Doing nonprofit work that is associated with your education and your desired job is a great way to hone your skills, gain real-world experience and help others in the process. Many companies encourage their employees to volunteer their time, which is a great opportunity for you to network with professionals and show how you’d fit in with the corporate culture.


  • Keep Learning
    Graduating doesn’t mark the end of learning. One question employers commonly ask in a job interview is how you’ve been spending your time since graduation. Telling them you’ve been sleeping late and filling out the occasional application isn’t going to make you stand out. However, talking about continuing-education classes or industry-related seminars you’ve attended, and discussing how they relate to the position, will likely make a lasting impression.


  • Strengthen Your Cover Letter
    The cover letter is your opportunity to explain to an employer how your experience measures up to the company’s needs. Highlight similarities between work you’ve done and the work that will be required in the open position. Smart employers don’t make their hiring decisions based on years of experience alone. This is your chance to sell them on why your specific experiences make you uniquely suited for the job.


If you’re looking to be an intern in a Digital Agency, I could point you in the right direction: Tway Media. There are internship openings in Business Development, Social Media Management, Web Development, Strategy & Planning and Content Management. Send an email to tomi@twaymedia.com and we’ll take it from there.


Enjoy the weekend!

Dear Nigerians, We Are #BetterUnited!

Dear Nigerians, We Are #BetterUnited!

Recently, a lot of people took to Twitter to join a fast-rising movement: #BetterUnited. The movement is one that is urging Nigerians to support the sincere efforts of the current administration to develop the country on all fronts, as no meaningful development can take place without unity and cohesion.


This came about in lieu of recent happenings in the nation: the Arewa youths giving the Igbos a three-month ultimatum to the leave the Northern part of the country or face their wrath; the Igbos agitating and advocating for a break-off from Nigeria so they can finally have their Biafra; some members of the National Assembly staging a mini-coup, and so many other issues.


These events appear to show a Nigeria that is deeply divided. Divisions between rich and poor, young and old, minorities and majorities, are dominating headlines and having major effects on political processes. Rather than trying to heal these divides and work together towards a more equal and just society, some unscrupulous forces are seeking to increase these divisions and use them to their advantage. Divisive “us and them” rhetoric is threatening the foundation of our communities and the stability of our societies. And as concerned citizens who have a lot to lose if this Nation divides, we must stand together and call on the people of Nigeria: Don’t be divided, We’re #BETTERUNITED!

Let’s take a moment to think this through: if Nigeria divides today, what would become of us? What would become of our families, jobs, homes? Is there someplace else we can go and call home? Remember, not all of us can lay claims to dual citizenship!


To join the movement, get on Twitter and spread the message by using the #BetterUnited hashtag. Let’s prove that unity beats division, and that we are #BETTERUNITED against divisive statements and actions in all forms.


Don’t forget: Even small acts can change the world!

Xtrao Launches New Child Care Center in Lekki

Xtrao Launches New Child Care Center in Lekki

Our vision at Xtrao Kids Child Care Center is to ensure your child gets the best care and support in an environment with international standards. And through the years, we have achieved this by providing a safe, secure and stimulating environment for children to discover and learn.


We value commitment, consistency, integrity, high moral standards and service to the community. These values are reflected in our specially hand-picked team of dedicated staff. Every day, they ensure all your child’s daily needs are met in a warm and caring environment.


Our Centre Director, Anuoluwapo Akinola, is a 2015 Mandela Washington Fellowship (YALI) member who has had over eight (8) years’ experience working with children of all ages in a variety of settings. You can trust us when we say that your kids are in very good hands.

And in line with our commitment to making your child as comfortable as possible, we’re very pleased to announce the opening of a new branch at 22A, Friendship Estate, Magbon Close, Ilaje, Ajah to the public on Monday April 17, 2017.

New C.jpg

The new Centre contains large and comfortable spaces, so there’s enough room for everyone to express themselves through play.

To celebrate this feat, the Xtrao Management will be awarding scholarships to the first two children who register at the new Centre. Also, parents of existing registered kids will get a 10% discount on the new term’s tuition when they refer other parents to register their kids.

We hope to see you on Monday April 17, 2017…everyone is welcome!

Personal Hygiene Basics…

Personal Hygiene Basics…

Mom was right: Good personal hygiene is essential to promoting good health.

Maintaining good personal hygiene practices obviously helps reduce the risks of various health problems, but also affects social and psychological aspects of our lives.

Good personal hygiene helps to prevent the development and spread of infections, diseases and unpleasant body odors and also help us look more presentable and attractive.

Adding to the above, let’s see the health, social and psychological reasons people should maintain good personal hygiene practices in their lives and what benefits do they offer them.


Health Reasons and Benefits

The difference between health and sickness sometimes depends on simple habits such as washing your hands or promptly dressing a superficial scratch.

Mundane and seemingly trivial conditions such as small cuts, rashes, athlete’s foot, sore throat etc should not be disregarded and treated immediately to avoid deterioration and spreading as well as to find out if there are more serious, underlying problems behind them.

The single most important preventive health measure one can take in their everyday lives is washing their hands regularly, especially after using the toilet and before coming to contact with any foods, and keeping their environments clean.

In short, staying clean by maintaining good personal hygiene will keep you healthier.


Social Reasons and Benefits

Maintaining proper personal hygiene means that you will look more healthy and attractive to other people. It is impossible to project a healthy body image and make good impression without adhering to personal hygiene principles. Looking unwashed and smelling bad will immediately place a person in several social disadvantages as others will find him or her less attractive and even potentially dangerous to their own health.

For the above reasons it is of paramount important to teach children the importance of good personal hygiene from a young age so they might be able to keep themselves clean and healthy throughout their lives and avoid the social stigma that accompanies poor hygiene habits.


Psychological Reasons and Benefits

Confidence and self-esteem are affected by our body image which is reflected on our ability to care for ourselves and maintain good personal hygiene practices.

Healthy teeth, hair, skin and nails are signs of a healthy and well-groomed individual who pays attention to his or her personal hygiene and health. This can give confidence in everyday life and social interactions.

By being clean and well-groomed, people can feel more confident in any social environment. First impressions, often an important factor in many interpersonal relationships as well as job interviews are heavily affected by our outwards image which is directly related to our personal hygiene habits and practices.


A person’s chances of success in social environments, interpersonal relationships and even in their line of work can be substantially improved by improving their personal hygiene practices.

Two-Day Photography and Video Editing Workshop

Two-Day Photography and Video Editing Workshop


Find out how to get the most out of your camera in a Two-Day Photography and Video Editing Workshop facilitated and delivered by Tway Training Institute, a transformational learning arm of Tway Media.

You’ll receive expert tuition from professionals as you learn how to use your photo and video cameras to effectively capture events, people, places and moments in life you’ll want to treasure forever.


Discover how to use aperture, shutter speed, exposure control, ISO and white balance, to help you take spectacular images, indoors and out. You’ll have the chance to test out your new skills with professional guidance in this creative, hands-on, and practical course. Aimed at photographers of all levels, whether you have some understanding of digital photography already or you’re new to the hobby – this two-day course will set you up with all you need to know to get out there and get snapping.



This course explores both technical and theoretic considerations by combining hands-on exercises, detailed demonstrations, and classroom discussions. Through instructor-led and self-guided practice, you will develop knowledge in storytelling, capturing and editing video and audio, and finalizing content for DVD or web through emphasis on design, communication, project management, and video technology.


After the class, participants will complete assignments to show what they have learned, and submit them digitally.


  • Date – April 18 and 19, 2017
  • Time – 09:00am – 06:00pm each day
  • Venue – FATE Foundation: First Floor, Water House, Ijora Olopa, Lagos
  • Cost – N15,000 per participant (N10,000 for group of 5 and above). Payment before Friday April 14, 2017 attracts 10% discount. Payment covers course materials, lunch and certificate
  • Account details: Teras Doxa 0177479563 Guaranty Trust Bank
  • Click here to register and reserve a seat

A MUST course for everyone…makes you realize what is meant by ‘having fun with your camera!’

…for days when you feel grey.

…for days when you feel grey.

You know how sometimes you feel grey?

It’s this weird feeling of being empty. Like someone has sucked out your essence and all you have left is this unused potential. I have felt like this many times when I have had to conform to whatever society deemed to be appropriate for my life.

I let society and the world and my family tell me what I had to do for most of my life – go to school, don’t be weird, do what they tell you, behave, and the classic – be good.

When I grew up it was more like – find a partner, start a family, have a career.

But you know, the more I lived and looked around me, the more I wanted to rebel against the “greyness” I was feeling when the world wanted me to conform.

I think one day I just let go of all pretenses and became who I was meant to be all along. I threw away all unwanted advices and just followed my heart. It could be hard, I tell you, but it’s liberating in the long run.

If you’re feeling grey today, take a deep look within, and think of what makes YOU happy. Find it, and keep it. Make it your happy place to go to. Visit it as many times as you need to. Because ultimately, this is about you.

So dump the grey, unapologetically, and think of all the happy colours on the rainbow!